4 new colors

Thursday, 7. September 2023 - We are always looking for the most beautiful colors and that is why we have added something beautiful to the range.
For a touch of color in the bathroom, we are launching the following four new Primabad colors.

M44  |  Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus green is a matte neutral green with gray tones. For a fresh and original color in the bathroom. Also very good to combine with various wood structures for a natural and elegant look.

M45  |  Cardiff Oak

Cardiff Oak is a rustic oak reproduction. The dark brown color with black pores and tangible relief provide a lively wood structure with rough sawn effects.

M46  |  Hazel Brown

This warm wood structure is characterized by a matt structure with the effect of sandblasted wood. The sandblasting brings out the natural character, making the grain stand out better. This creates a rustic and retro look.

M47  |  Heritage Oak

Heritage Oak is characterized by a light brown color with gray tones. The rusticity comes out beautifully because of the many cracks and knots that this color is rich in. A very vibrant color with fine relief.